Trolleybus Line Simferopol - Alushta - Yalta

Crimea, a vast peninsula (area 26 200 km2) in the Black Sea, is a favourite recreational and touristy destination of Russians and Ukrainians. In the middle of 50s there was made a decision to build a quality road and long-distance trolleybus line between “the gate of Crimea” Simferopol and seaside resort towns Alushta and Yalta. At the same time also trolleybus network was built inside these three towns. With the length about 80 km this is the longest trolleybus line all over the world. The service on the line and also on the lines in towns is operated by company "Krymtrollejbus", which uses four depots – two at Simferopol, one at Alushta and one at Yalta. 2500 employees participate on transport of about 100 million passengers per year. In 1999 the company owned more then 400 vehicles, almost entirely of types Škoda 9Tr (about 250 pcs) and 14Tr (about 150 pcs). Apart from these types we can find there also several trolleybuses JuMZ-T2 and articulated vehicles Škoda 15Tr, ZiU10 and JuMZ-T1.