Ždánice's Year 2006

Passenger transport on the 25 km long local railway Čejč - Ždánice was gradually reduced during 90s and on 22 May 1998 the last regular passenger train came to Ždánice. But freight transport has been saved due to intensive loading of crude oil at Uhřice u Kyjova. Freight trains run temporarily also to Ždánice, especially with coal and for products of engineering factory Šroubárna Ždánice.
The gradual death of the line made clubs of railway enthusiasts do runs of special trains to Ždánice. Even special trains as a mean of election campaign came there twice. In 2006 four special trains ran to the terminal station besides service runs. And these runs were completely the last ones, because the on 10 October 2006 the line between Uhřice u Kyjova and Ždánice was officially closed. The decision came into effect 15 days after.