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Locomotives 1216 of Adria Transport operator
In 2005 the Austrian operator Graz-Köflacher Bahn und Busbetrieb (GKB) and Slovenian port company Luka Koper established a joint venture Adria Transport, when each of the shareholders shares a half portion. To this company for its transportation needs Siemens delivered in June and July 2008 three locomotives of class 1216 (ES 64 U4), subtype B3, which are suitable for run on railways of Slovenia, Austria and Germany. Locomotives gained road numbers from 1216 920 to 922 and are registered to the GKB holder. Shortly after delivering, the first two locomotives were used in hauling service of kerosin trains going off the port of Koper towards Vienna’s airport Schwechat. Because of the Adria Transport being not a licensed railway operator in Slovenia that time, these trains were hauled also in Slovenia under the GKB licence. Since September 2008 the Adria Transport has been already holding the licence and became a certificated operator, too. Since 27 October 2008 these loco are going to be operated also on the shuttle container trains called ‚AdriaSTAR‘, which three times a week join the Koper port and the container-terminal Cargo Center Graz.
Third of the locomotives - 1216 922 - was shortly after delivering leased to Austrian Salzburger Lokalbahn (SLB) operator, which should operate this loco until the moment, when he acquires own 1216 locomotive (in January 2009, as proposed). The SLB operates the 1216 922 on container trains loaded with timber goods manufactured by Kaindl company, running between terminals Salzburg Liefering and Hüttau Terminal. Additionally this loco is used occasionally also on banking duties for CargoServ and Lokomotion Gesellschaft für Schienentraktion operators‘ trains.
On the picture taken on 20 October 2008 between Golling-Abtenau and Tenneck an assisted run of 1216 922 Adria Transport and V86 SLB on the train No. 61825 from Hüttau Terminal to Salzburg Liefering was spotted.
Text Petr Štefek, photo & cooperation Kajetan Steiner

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