The current freight train operation of OKD, Doprava

The private company OKD, Doprava (OKDD) is one of the biggest private railway operator in the Czech Republic. The main part of its trains we can meet in the neighbourhood of Ostrava, both on OKDD’s and SŽDC’s lines. The main part of the trains is used for transport of coal to coking, heating and power plants. The trains are hauled especially by 770/771, but also classes 740, 752.6 and 753.7 can be seen. The second important part of OKDD railway business takes place near Kladno. There are used especially modernized “goggles” of the class 753.7, which haul e.g. coal trains from Světec-Ledvice and Ostrava to Kladno-Dubí. The marginal part of OKDD’s services are regular coal trains between Lužice and Hodonín (5 km) and pick-up trains between Vrbno pod Pradědem and Milotice nad Opava (both services are hauled by 740). The company also started to make international services. Trains to Slovakia are operated with the cooperation with ŽDD Bratislava (an OKDD’s subsidiary in Slovakia). On Polish border they cooperate with PTKiGK Rybnik and on German border with RAG or ITL.