The ČD freight service operated by diesel locomotives near Ostrava

In the last several years the main part of freight trains on non-electrified lines near Ostrava were hauled by locomotives of the class 751 (single or in pairs). But since December 2004 the locomotives started to be replaced by class 742 in pairs. In the timetable 2005/2006 the 751s are not in the regular operation, but the Ostrava depot has still 13 workable locomotives of the class (No. 088, 089, 093, 101, 105, 143, 145, 148, 149, 151, 152, 220 and 374). Besides these ones there are also locomotive 751.009 out of order and withdrawn locomotives 751.086, 751.096 and 751.136. In the region five pairs of 742 would be operated, but always some of them are replaced by 751 (usually single, but sometimes also in pairs). Some trains are now regularly operated by single 742, e.g. three pairs of trains between Ostrava and pulp mill BIOCEL Paskov. Very often we can meet diesel locomotives also on short-distance freight services on electrified lines.