Line Bruntál - Malá Morávka

The article deals with the history and the present time of the mountain railway line Bruntál - Malá Morávka in Jeseníky mountains. Traffic at this line was started on 31st May 1901. The line is interesting mainly for it´s gradient, which gains to 44 ‰, as a consequence of which a couple of accidents occured. The last accident happened on 15th May 2000, when a working train headed with a locomotive 742.450 slipped at the gradient. An engine-driver was killed as a consequence of the derailment. Inspite of the fact, that several interceptions of the traffic at this line threatened during the history of this track, the line is still in use. The personal traffic is nowadays provided by motor vehicles class 810. The locomotive class 742 can be encountered at the front of freight trains heading to Světlá Hora.