Gryfice narrow-gauge railway

The Gryfice narrow-gauge railway begins in town Gryfice (former Greifenberg), which lies on the standard-gauge railway Kołobrzeg - Goleniów. The terminal station of the line lies near beach in a fishermen's village Niechorze. The regular operation of this 36 km long line was opened on the 1st July 1896. On the turn of 19th and 20th century the gauge of the line was changed from 750 to 1000 mm. In 1975 there were delivered 17 locomotives of the class Px 48. At the same time a production of trailers for standard -gauge wagons (class Tw6a/100) was started and therefore exacting reloading was closed. The first diesel locomotives came to the railway not until 1978, when the first delivery of Romanian locomotives of the class Lxd2 came to Gryfice. Later there were delivered also passenger cars class Bxhpi and motor coaches class MBxd2. In 1978 the museum of the railway was established.