Czech "Pendolino" Is Really Manufactured

The article informs about manufacturing of high speed electric (three-System: 3 kV DC - ČD; 15 kV; 16,7 Hz AC - DB and ÖBB; 25 kV; 50 Hz AC - ČD) tilting unit class CDT 680 for Czech Railways for conections Berlin - Vienna through Praha. The electrical equipment consists of eight 550 kW three-phase ac traction motor with four 1 MW GTO convertors. The class 680 is built by Alstom Ferroviaria S.p.A in Savigliano (former Fiat) and in Sesto (former Parizzi). At the end of 2002 four units (seven units are ordered) are developed in factory in Savigliano. The first unit can be delivered during 2003 and from December 2003 regular traffic of this units will be started.