Locomotive Class 751, 752 ČD/ZSSK
The quadruple-voltage electric locomotives of the class 189 of Railion Deutschland, class E 189 or ES 64 F4 hired by various railway operators from Siemens Dispolok and class 474 SBB are suitable both for freight and passenger traffic on standard gauge lines fed by 1,5 DC, 3 kV DC, 15 kV 16,7 Hz and 25 kV 50 Hz. That means that the locomotive can be operated on nearly whole territory of Europe. The locomotive was developed by the company Siemens Transportation Systems with using of well-proved units from locomotives of the EuroSprinter family. The locomotives are manufactured at Siemens locomotive works in Munich, but other Siemens branches, especially plants at Graz and Nuremberg and also the company Siemens Kolejová vozidla of Prague, deliver various components.