The deliveries of a new hopper waggons for Czech Railways completed.

Czech Railways‘ freight fleet arised its amonut by a hundred more modern hopper waggons made by JSC Lostr in Louny (Czech Republic). The production of this newly developed series started in April 2006 with the class Tadgnss 0925 cars (type marking 9-343.1) predicted for transportation of the cereals. With total of 70 the production followed up with 30 more cars of a derived version getting class Tadnss 0938 (type 9-434.0), chargable with the other granulated or powdered materials, e. g. agressive chemicals, especially agricultural. The last 100th car of the whole series having No. 31 54 0938 030 was delivered in October, 30th. On September 2006, the Tadnss car No. 31 54 0938 002 was presented in the annual InnoTrans Trade Fair held in Berlin.
Both versions of the hoppers have the same design meeting the UIC standards. The only difference there is in the coating of the active surface of the tank (using special untoxic paintings in class Tadgnss proposed for carrying the food-stuffs). The tank is divided into 4 funnels with the bottom discharging using 4 + 4 doorclaps (each for both sides of the rail). Its total capacity has 82.0 cu. m. The tank is equipped with a manually operated roof for covering the interior volume and protecting the loaded goods. The self-unloading system is operated by hand.
The car is designed for 120 kmph maximum speed (empty, or loaded) in the ‘SS‘ mode. Its air-pressure brake system is the Czech built type DAKO GP-A (automatically adjusted brakeweight). Bogies of type Y25Ls(s)d1 made by Tatravagonka Poprad (Slovakia). The car‘s body is made of the Cu-alloyed steel materials. Other general technical data: length over buffers 21,64 m, pivots distance 16,6 m, net weight ca. 27300 kg (27500 kg in Tadnss). The cars are interoperable within the RIV régimen.